Friday, August 17

slurpin' sweet melon

Co'b & Pieya on the left with my niece on the right.

We were visiting family in Alabama and Georgia this summer and this picture was taken at 'their' great grandparents house. (I feel so blessed for that to occur... my grandparents mean the world to me... for them to love my children as much as me... esp from a great distance makes you appreciate the special bond that you have as family.

Gran Gran had come home with a watermelon from a garden that he and his friend had planted (at the friends house). My kids being the watermelon fruitcakes that they are, were extremely excited. My niece soon understood the idea of just digging in and really enjoyed herself.
I wish that I had gotten them when they were all finshed... we HAD to take them all out side to hose them off in the grass!
I will never forget July of 2007... full of watermelon, Co'b's first fishing trip, dog jumping in the lake, museum, swimming at KK's, the ability to pop in and out at my moms house, eating at my dads restaurant, seeing old friends, seeing my nieces and nephew, and lets not forget eating at Country's Barbeque (one of the highlights for sure, my first job was as a waitress at the one downtown on Broadway in Columbus GA)

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