Tuesday, October 30

but the suns not up yet...

Okay, well for now the floor is no longer sticky! And I have just sent out a bee-zillion emails that were suppose to be out last week, so check that off the list!!!

This morning I woke up 3 hours before the kids (so yes, the sun had not come up yet) just to catch up on the dishes from the night before and some laundry that I could no longer pretend wasnt there, mainly because our closets and drawers were empty, but anyhoo I got it done)... it seems that I don't have time for the 'other' stuff in my life for always trying to play catch up...

Three whole hours!!! I also spent time with a friend, took a nap and actually got to sew a baby blanket for my soon to be niece. (This was not all done before dawn, I just actually had time to do this stuff b/c of the 'before the crack of dawn' waking! though I don't think that I could do this every morning)

well... I am going to bed before the alarm clock.... aahhmmm... Pieya.... aaahhmmm goes off!!

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