Saturday, December 29

What he likes to do...

Co'b (not cob as in corn on the cob, but co like co. plus the sound of the letter b) short for his name, Korbin. Anyhoo... Co'b likes to just hang out with me while he is doing his own thing, building, drawing, good/ bad guys.
Today he worked together on his new Lego hovercraft... with 'shooters' that he got for Christmas. He loves to build. We have large baskets filled with blocks. You can find all sorts... but up until now we never had the small, big kid Legos. We have now gotten bigger.

I'm not sure that it speaks to other people, but this photo tells me happy and sad stories... this little boy is a little boy... people.... a little boy. The only reason I slightly remember him being a baby is b/c he has a baby sister. Whats going to happen when she is all big.

By the way... the fabric above... well, it is finally getting cut! I been putting it off since here.

(p.s. I have finally come back to explain something about this post...I couldnt get the pictures in the positions I wanted and then well... too much time passed and it didnt seem important) what he likes to do is sit with me and hang out and do his thing, while I do my thing... the picture that speaks volume is the one of him in his 'beanie' outside. He is such a beautiful person... and I am speaking of his heart.

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