Saturday, February 2

30 days:01

30 days: 01

So I am offically starting 30tinymoments... I have heard about it now from two people and was so into it from the moment I read about it.

I do believe however that all the credit is due to Amanda Soule from SouleMama... she's helping to remind us to rememeber what makes us special and unique as a family. I'm excited about the challenge... so stay tunned...


kerflop said...

Warsaw? I am officially in awe.

Lucy Jane said...

My father in law and his family were born in Lodz (Poland)so polish being his native lanuage.
My in-laws went on a trip all over Poland to see family (cousins I believe) still living there. THe pictures from there were so beautiful... so while going through his music I was in awe! Such variety... there is also Latin music and he knew its lanuage as while.