Thursday, February 21

taking deep breaths... moments captured only in memory... kind of...

So I would be a little more excited about this post if I had pictures to go along with it. And actually I do... but they hurt your eyes to look at them (I will probably post them anyway...later... because now I am trying to get over the fact that for the week of hubby's vacation I have been without a camera... remember what happened? Well that was last Wednesday and Dad started vacation on Thursday.

Monday we went to the Renaissance Festival. Co'b was out of school and it was such a beautiful day and we had a great time. My son saw his first 'joust' (not really but the other times he was much too young to really remember or understand)... but this time... with his wooden sword held high and shield in place he cheered our guy on. My Pie had her first giant turkey leg... which she loved and her brother was grossed out by.

Tuesday we hung out around the house, colored random pictures and jumped on the trampoline, usual stuff. That evening we packed for our trip to the 'high country' to see the snow. We have done this every year (with the exception of the year I was pregnant with our daughter)... its an annual thing for us that started when we both worked in retail. As soon as the holiday season was over, we would take a vacation up north (they have gotten shorter since the kids started coming with) to get away from the hectic, busy city life and explore, hike, play in the snow... whatever we felt like at the time. This being our 8th year.
Anyways, I like to ramble, we packed up the car early on Wednesday and drove north to see the snow. My son who was totally stoked about this trip just smiled and beamed from the back seat, especially when we reached an area with snow along the highway (not that I have a picture of that little dimple on his cheek when he smiles and him clapping his hands so softly, and so excitedly with his sister alseep beside him, but that's what happened).
We stayed at the same place we took our friend with when he visited us back in Jan of '99, and probably a few other times, but that's the memory that sticks out. It has an indoor heated pool and a jacuzzi... this was great for wearing out the kids after a day of driving, playing in snow and eating out. Daddy and Co'b in one bed, and Mommy and Sissy in the other bed.
This morning we went for breakfast at IHOP. Afterwards, we went back to the room to gather our stuff and check out and headed out to our favorite place to sled, Crowley's Pit. My Pie really wanted to have nothing to do with the snow. So we rotated who sat with her as she cheered for whoever was sledding at the time. She would clap and wave as we went down the hills. It was alot of fun.
As we left... not even 1/2 a mile from turning out of the Pit, hubby was going to pull over to move the ice from the back windshield wiper b/c it was stuck (he apparently turned it on to move the snow, it moved half way and was stuck, so he didn't want the motor or whatever it is to burn up)... and guess what happened???? WE GOT STUCK!!!! However, if I was married to anyone else it could have been a stressful moment... Myo (that's hubby) laughed (kind of hysterical if you ask me) and did his best to get us out of there. Both of us, who already changed from our snow bibs and boots to pajama pants and tennis shoes, were out in the snow, knee deep (we found out when hubby fell into was so funny)... trying to get our little Toyota Rav4's butt out of the snow. We were waiting for help (we had already called someone, just waiting) when here comes the ADOT road, snow pusher people and they stopped to ask if we needed them to pull us out. He saved us $250!!!! He hooked his chains to the back... which they then couldn't get off, but whatever they eventually did, gave my husband a handshake and we were on our way. We laughed. I love my husband for things like that. I was actually really nervous and scared in that instant that it happened, but because of his reaction... I knew that we would be okay. You take the situation, evaluate and then YOU DO whatever it is that needs to be done. And we did. We also stopped for Happy Meals (do those need upper cases'?)and chai teas from the local 'Bucks and we were on our way back home. After a long two days we came home, unpacked, showered, watched 'Drake and Josh' (even the one yr old likes it and says Josh, well her own version of his name anyways) Well... I am exhausted and Myo's all done with the computer too... I should go. I'll post the dreaded pics tomorrow. later.

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Jolene said...

Sounds like an adventure. We're off on our first big trip with both kids this summer and I'm already nervous about it. Sounds like a great time. It's funny, we take time off from our little town to actually get to a city. I guess it's just a matter of where you're from...