Tuesday, October 21

Help... please find me!!!!

posted on our mailbox... and several others

This is Rah... aka Rah Rah (this name came about when my son was a year old). He has been missing now for 2 weeks and I am getting a little nervous that I may never see him again. Rah is one of the sweetest cats ever and has been with me and my husband for 10 years this month... it was right around Halloween.

Rah has thumbs.

Rah slept with us every night.

Rah loves grass.

Rah loves to be outside.

Rah loves catnip.

Rah has to be on special food for his sensitive urinary tract system.

We miss him very much.

My two year old... if you ask her where is Rah Rah... she will say.."Don't know... Wah Wah yost"

Our other cat, Cleo aka Kilo... is very lonely. She seems lost without him.

So... please say a prayer that little Rah Rah will return home soon.

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Jolene said...

Sorry about your cat :(
Our dog went missing for about a week a couple of years ago. He came home, sore, tired and hungry.