Thursday, November 6

another special NOvember day in our family...

Both are named Mario... both celebrate November birthdays, 2nd and the 6th, both are Scorpio's (thats easy), but they are both the same Chinese zodic too, The Dragon (not so easy, their years just happen to line up)... father and son.
(Myla totally thought that the little Batman in this picture below was her brother... sorry sweetie... its your daddy!)
I know that I have more pictures of them together at this time and I really wanted the one where my hubby turned 21.... maybe this will call for an update....

Happy Birthday Papa B!!!
We miss you oh so much!

If you don't know the story of a half decorated cake, then you can read a little about it here.

The picture above was taken this year. (I couldn't get the kids to participate in a really great and awesome picture... part of why dad is smiling so big... they don't always take direction so well. It looks like the big one is after the cake and I'm not so sure what the little one is taking curiosity in...)

And the picture below was taken last year. My husband is such a handsome guy and this is by far one of my favorite pictures of him with the kids. Why? Because, I know Mario like no one else and that smile that he is wearing in this picture is of the upmost geniune and happy faces that he has. I love him very much... can you tell?

Have a great day!!!!

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