Tuesday, November 25

here I am... hiding under a rock...

So, I guess I have totally blown NaBloPoMo . Oh well... its not the first thing that I have started and not finished.

With good reason... I think anyway. Over the weekend, Friday night actually, Corbyn developed pink eye... both eyes... and Myla's been congested for quite a while, it was into the 11th day. So a Saturday doctors appt was just what we had...each had their own doses 2 and 3x's daily. I have disinfected every square inch of this house... multiple times. Even the pillows were washed, dried, and then put into the sun for the afternoon.

I do feel like I am back on track though... we even walked to school to pick up Corbyn ... it has been quite pleasant out...

I made 2 pumpkin pies this evening in order of getting ready and in the mood for Thankgiving... recipe here if you want to try it... (it really is the best pumpkin pie, ever. My kids will tell you so. My husband too. Did I mention that it was really easy???)

But I have been baking AND I have been working out... both really good signs for me.

take care and i hope to be back soon.

(p.s. please say an extra prayer for my sister in law, she is really having a tough time right now and needs all the positive energy sent to her ...she doesn't really see how great she can be... )

so with that said... take care and be very thankful for all that matters to you... be thankful.


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