Saturday, November 1

whats your focus?

I have been wanting to participate in something to keep me posting. Earlier this year I did 30tinymoments and it seemed to keep me focused on small things in life and to let go of the less mundane parts of life. So, while visiting a friend's blog I realized that this was going on and so here I go joining her... (and hopefully you if you want to!)

whats your focus??

what do you see when you look at this picture? the sheet, or possible the story behind the sheet?

or maybe even.....

whats your focus?

the tree?

While yes I was having fun when I realized with just a switch of just less than an inch of space the picture came out completely different... even the capture of light in the sky, made it washed out and then such a saturation of blue color with the tree as the subject. Anyhoo... that is not at all why I took the pictures. (that was just a bonus!)

its better half is gone....

The whole reason I took the picture(s) was because these are/ or use to be my favorite set of sheets. The fitted sheet was literally used until the thread was just were too weak to withstand another use. These sheets deserve a farewell, they were the 'softest' sheets ever.

I love these sheets, did I say that already? I am keeping the top sheets and the pillow cases of course, but the bottom sheet is toast.

The real focus... my real first post for NaBloPoMo, is the fact that even said in the pictures above, you can take the same picture from a couple different angles and create a completely different story. So, for this month I plan to look for those areas in my life where I could look at a situation from a different prospective. (not to mention I will probably take tons more pictures... especially with the beautiful weather we should start experiencing here in the desert.

take care.

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Jolene said...

I've cut up sheets for jammies. Lots of times. My daughter will not use a top sheet so when I buy her sheets, I automatically cut up the top sheet and make jammies.
She loves the matching.
Glad you're headed for better weather.
We're freezing but we're finally seeing the sun after a very grey summer...