Wednesday, December 10

my first....(and my second)

Myla seems to be on the mend. I, in all my 5 1/2 yrs of glory being a mom I have never ever gone through vomiting. Can you believe that? Corbyn has never, and Myla is now 2~ it being her first time and mine.
When if first happened... I didn't know what to do. I was running around in a circle basically. We were sitting at the computer googling 'dehydration in toddlers', because she had diarrhea for over 24hrs, when she kinda burped. Nothing. Then she did it again and all I could do was say ... " Oh God... Oh God" and before I knew it we were in the kitchen... she was spewing all over us and the floor because her mom was so scared by the amounts coming out her that she couldn't even remember to try to catch it at least a bowl. I was a freaked out mess. Which is wild because I am more calm with bleeding wounds from the head than I was with puking. I was about to rush her to the er with us covered in throw up!!!! Luckily Julie called at that moment of my panic. She calmed me down and told me to change my clothes before I left. I think that's when I snapped out of it.
I laugh at myself when I think about what a frazzled mess I was... as for the second time... even though it was as much as a surprise as the first time... I ran straight to the bathroom and she was able to go into the toilet. This did not make her feel better about the idea at all. She in between would say " I don't awnt to" and cried the whole time. I felt horrible for her.
I can not explain the amount of laundry that I have done in the past 3 days, but its been alot. I feel as if the washer and dryer are going constantly. (And yes... I have started using the dryer again. But come spring.... I promise to be line drying all over again.)

Other news would be that I got tagged for my first time officially... go on over to gonzomamaknits and see for your self. I am to list six random things about myself and tag six others. I will have to save this awesome post for later today... but I will be pondering my answers... and if you are reading this then you are tagged, especially if you are kidsideup, CrazyMOm, Girlwithagreencard, MommyKnows, okay see thats only four. SO tag your it. Beeeee looking for my return.

p.s. I saw Twilight again. Last Sunday my book club went... how could I not go with my girls to see it. I mean, we all read the series together for goodness sake. It was great to have already seen it and them not. I kept looking around at their faces during random parts... priceless. And seeing it for the second time... the baseball scene might have been my favorite. The song, the smiles... the part when Edward and Emmett collide and fall down laughing. Awesome... Smasome... When it goes to the cheap show I just might go again!!!! And soundtrack I have already started downloading. anyways......

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