Saturday, December 6

Silence of the mom....

I can not speak. Litterally. I open my mouth and try... but very little sound comes out. And the ones that do just sound awful. Whispering is the best. And do you know what I have found out???? Its nice. The kids whisper back at me. Maybe this is the secret. I just wish I didn't have to feel so bad. What am I saying? I feel a tons better than I did 3 days ago.

We got our tree up. No decorations yet. Thats tonight or tommorow's family project, including the lights outfront. I kinda want to put up lights on the back patio. We'll see.

I did get to see Twlight. Finally!!!! I very much enjoyed being taken back to the beginning of Edward and Bella. What a ride. I think they did what they could, and fudged when they had to... like the Cullens house. For those who love this couple... I looked long and hard for the perfect video... and by golly I think I got it. So, enjoy... if you haven't then maybe this will entice you.

Even hubby enjoyed it. He surprised me and took me to the movies... I had no clue. He pulled into the parking lot... and I'm like..."We're going to the movies?" and he just smiles. As we are walking up I have not one clue what we would be going to see... and then as we approach the ticket booth and I see the showings... I knew. Mario can be very sweet.

So it was awesome I thought. And not even so much then. But now. When my mind wonders back to the movie and I think that I just loved it. All the parts. Trying to fill hubby in on all the info with Victoria and the other books was fun. I was tripping all over myself with information.

Anyhoo... have a great weekend.


gonzomama said...

i haven't read that book, but most people i know have and they rave about it. my sister ignored all of us on vacation the first day because she couldn't put the book down. she finished it in under 24 hrs. i may have to jump on the bandwagon and check it out.

by the way i tagged you for a meme. i hope you don't mind. if you are up for it, list 6 random things about yourself and then tag 6 others with links to them.

hope you feel better soon!

Lucy Jane said...

you should soooo jump on the bandwagon. It will be a great ride.
This is my first meme. Oh lala!