Friday, February 6

30days: 02 and 03 (playing a little catch up)

30 tiny moments: 02
30 tiny moments: 02

this is what my little people were doing... side by side... teeth brushed... both in their favorite pajamas... watching the phenomen that I will NEVER understand. (Even if I occasionally laugh)

30 tiny moments: 02

And this has been my every free moment lately... so, I present

30 tiny moment :03
Tiny moments #3


Jolene said...

looks like you've been busy!
How was the book?

Lucy Jane said...

Still reading, pg 330 something and I still have a bazillion pages left. Its pretty good to my amazement, I have been wanting to keep finding out what happens next. I have even told my husband how thankful I am to not be in the 1700's!!!!! or 1800's!!!!