Tuesday, April 21

read anything good lately?

So it seems that I don't update often. Here I go.

Remember when I said that I was reading two books that were forever changing my perspective. Well the time has come when I have actually had the time to sit several different times and write a little something about these books.

The first book you mostly likely have either heard of or have read already (only b/c I was like 18th in line at the library. When it came available I had almost forgotten that I requested it), The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there was quite a bit of reading and not just a book full of patterns and instructions on different projects. Its her words. She has a child older than mine and hers out number the two that I have, so naturally my eyes and ears are going to be on high alert. And as it turns out, her advice gives the idea that she's 'just' getting you started, your family will dictate how you travel the journey. And its that sense of encouragement that I need. Her blog is just as inspirational if you want to check it out right over here. Not only does she represent a natural, youthful, creative soul but she also happens to be very contagious.

This directly involves (for me) the next book, Ready for Anything, 52 Productivity Principles for Work and Life by David Allen. I first heard of this book while visiting the blog Pink Chalk Studios, one of my many ventures when I need inspiration in crafting.

My questions always seem to be how do I balance the rest of my life so that I can be open, creative and in the moment. I'm so busy that I don't always SEE the moments. In the other hand, I am very much in the middle of my families life. I love to volunteer with school or with our MOMS club. Besides being mom all day, I also run a office for a small business. I have lots of ideas and strategies, but have "a zero helpful system" in keeping myself in check. I have been utilizing some of his tips and I really have seen a huge difference in my attitude and willingness to keep it going. He also has the C.D. Getting Things Done, which I also got from my library after I was sucked into the first book. It really just drives home all the points from the book with his voice as the narrator.

"Uncaptured, unclarifed, and therefore unmanaged things that you have agreed to do own a piece of you and give you no rest. Naming your stuff gives you power over it. The best and most productive way to do your work is to be its master, not its slave."

I basically have been defragmenting my brain. I no longer pride myself in 'remembering' everything. I have been writing ALL ideas and 'to do' list that enter my brain. I have a separate folder for work and personal. And then they are organized within themselves. But anyhoo... it is rather 'freeing' to be able to release so much control. Its amazing actually. I have also been put to the test and been in charge of a couple different events and I managed through feeling great and that I did the best job I could have done.

And that is all I can do.

And finally.... I feel good saying that

so Happy Earth Day to you... Myla and I spent our morning with friends decorating reycled items (painting) for the kids... I was able to assemble together a brown sugar, grapeseed oil, vitamin E oil, vanilla scrub... and then I made a salt scrub with lavendar oil and grapeseed oil... and THEN I made a lemon, grapeseed oil, vitamin E oil salt scrub.... very enjoyable morning!!!! We mixed these items in jars that we collected from the kitchen. I should post some of the pics...


mommywindow said...

Hey girl I want pictures and recipes from the Earth day project!!!

Lucy Jane said...

I knew you would... I will post them.