Friday, April 3

Spring into April...

I finally did it! I mean what was the hold up, its just Paypal. (It scares me for some reason) Way way back some months ago I found this wonderful and talented mama who was creating a simple downloadable book for you to share with your family. A workbook. A family workbook. Clever I thought, but PayPal scared me away from the actual purchase so it never happened. Because of this it was still caught up in my mental 'to-do' list, or maybe my mental 'want' list. I'm not sure because my mental ram has been all jumbled so I am sure that it could have been filed in the wrong spot. Anyhoo, another mama who I just admire (for all her truthfulness, intelligence and creativeness) jumped aboard and began posting about the truly awesomeness of this book, and well I was, for a lack of a better word "Jealous" with a capital 'J' that she did it before I did, when I had clearly saw it so many months ago and I had been a wimp and not followed through on my intention. Well, NO MORE.
(this is my mission statement in more ways than one)

Last night I printed out 35 pages (yikes at the amount of ink) from the April edition of Book of Days. You can see a small peep of it here. I haven't read through each page just yet, but am so giddy with all the adorable illustrations that I can hardly contain myself. When I told hubby that I was so excited, his response was "You are ALWAYS so excited". (I'm taking that as a compliment; even though he didn't react like he was bursting at the seams as I had been.)

I hole punched the pages and put them in a 3 ring binder as it suggested and am ready to jump into the month of April. I hope to have oogles and googles of pictures of two excited children doing and participating in our new adventure.

Today 'Toe' (this is just the pronunciation of his nickname, we do not call my son a name from one of his appendages, his little sister calls him Toe Toe, that means mom and dad do to, and for me it has evolved into just 'Toe')anyways, will be going on his FIRST field trip! They are going to the zoo and will of course be riding the bus!!! Which the first thing he said about this was "WITHOUT SEAT BELTS"... I write that in caps because he was very loud when he stated this fact. With that said, imagine his gigantic smile with a little hint of mischief because he knows that Mama can't do anything about that!!! I'm not really that worried unless I over think the what if possibilities. Which even as I type this I am reminding myself to STOP thinking of these things and let him be big and let myself enjoy it with him. So, Ganga there is a huge weight on your shoulders to be praying with me ALL day that my sweet little man makes a safe return home.

Hope everyone chooses to have a Great day.

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mommywindow said...

LOL JM loves going on the seat beltless bus too! He goes on a field trip about once a month. Why don't you go too? I do or I would be too stressed! He'll love it!