Tuesday, May 19

Imagine my surprise...

when I happend upon these yesterday on a bottom shelf...
I have no idea what I will use them for. But I love them. Yes, the one on the right is two small stackable canisters. The orginal tag was $7.99 but luckily it was marked by a purple tag. It was 99 cent purple tag day!!!

It is in absolute perfect condition(the bag is much cuter when you click on it). Purple tag!! It was $4.99, I paid 99 cent!!!! I would've paid the orginal price. Notice the key tied to the handle... this is a vintage Ameila Earhart suitcase.

Aren't these just sweet? Purple tag of course.

These will find a home in our pretend play kitchen stash. The sifter had a price tag of $7.99, I would not have come home with this if that had been the case. I can't wait to hand them some cornmeal out on the back porch.

Grand total $4.29

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Blessings each day said...

Cool...but you're supposed to share where you got your treasures...there are more of us pirate hunters looking for treasures, you know...:-)!!


your not-so-secret admirer