Monday, June 8

Turkey bacon

Back to the real world... today Mario and I went back to work, luckily for me though I didn't have to do anything but start the coffee pot. We are experiencing some odd cool weather for June, absolutely beautiful. If you have read any of my post pertaining the weather you certainly have come to the conclusion that I overly appreciate a cloudy (or rainy) day any time of the year.

When normally its in the triple digits with non stop sunshine for 14 hours without a tall pine or oak tree in sight to hide you from the suns rays, not even for a 20 minute break... yes I am sure you would join with me in my excitement of mid 90 degree weather, cloudy and breezy in this dry heat of the southwestern desert. With that statement the work phone was NOT ringing off the hook of freaked out people needing their a/c serviced, STAT. What a nice day to come back from vacation.

The kids and I made our second trip to our new library (it just opened this past Friday and its IN our neighborhood, we have been anxiously awaiting!!!) and enjoyed ourselves picking out books and movies (and returning the ones we already watched) and I even scored more vintage childrens books in their 'Friends of the Library' ongoing book sale. Three were together in a set and were dated the year of my birth, 1979... and well, since I just had my birthday, I felt them calling my name. At 50 cents a book, I think my $3 in change was a well thought out investment. Thus bringing you to another part of our wonderful weather day... this afternoon. Instead of making dinner I popped some yummy cheddar popcorn, filled up cups of ginger ale (again if you know me... milk, juice or ginger ale and if we are feeling wild and craZy, Root Beer) okay... back to our nutritious meal... popcorn and ginger ale were enjoyed on the trampoline with promises from the kids that we were NOT jumping but merely using this spot instead of the hard ground to rest our bums. We spread out a blanket and read seven books!!!! The kids are participating in the summer reading program at the library and well... that's what we did!!! We earned more star stickers with a total of 12 books read thus far, starting with the old school stories first and ending with the the infamous not really a story for its full of short sentences and questions from Clifford and Dora. I totally understand the phrase..."living books", the later require very little imagination for story time. Though I know that the kids enjoy looking at them, I have to force the colorful narration, but please don't tell the kids.


Dad found us outside.

My man can't live on left over popcorn kernels, which by the way were NOT in the bucket but surrounding our 'party' area. (Toe said we were having a party, a reading party!) We had our trusty back up dinner, breakfast! Tonight was eggs, waffles and bacon. Bacon is a weakness for both hubby and myself (if I could just get him to like grits!!). The crunchier the better, and for our health we switched to turkey bacon. Don't tell me if its not really THAT much better, I live in my oblivion.

Only one child likes it, the other I don't even bother putting it on their plate because it would just sit there like gold... getting wasted and cold...( but if mom had made broccoli, it would have been on every ones plate, isn't that a kicker?)

Which one is it you ask?

Myda Pieda.

Surprised? I remember the year before, she was only a year old (snif...snif) and while she, dad and I were enjoying a large turkey leg (Renaissance Festival) Corbyn looked in disgust at us chowing down. Even this past trip to Disney, we were eating at a New Orleans style cafe and Corbyn choose the macaroni and cheese dinner and Myla choose the chicken and rice dinner.

If they were dinosaurs I'd have an omnivore and a carnivore.

(Now come to think of it, this is probably imagery of their personalities)


Hope your week is as 'cool' as mine (should be).

(the weather man said it should last for a few days, woot woot!)


Jolene said...

Great Post. I SO wish my hubby would eat breakfast for dinner!

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