Thursday, July 2

kids to the rescue...

A couple days ago the kids came running into the kitchen..."MOM...hurry there is a baby bird on the trampoline!" I grabbed the camera and out we went.

The poor little guy could fly around a little, but not straight up to get out of the net. The moma bird was creating quite a scene squawking all around the yard. I was actually a little afraid that she was going to attack me... start pecking at my head. (I have a small fear of birds, from an incident when the bird hit the car window and fell into the front seat with me... quite humorous today, but not then... maybe a post for later)

I tried to pick him up (with a washcloth) but he just yelped at me and jumped off. (That caused lots of excitement for my two little ones.) So I decided to chase behind him until he got to the entrance... and he sort of fell out (with style of course) fluttering down to the grass and hopped...

over to the patio near the house. I finally convinced the kids to go in, so that the moma bird could get closer to her baby. They watched from the window.

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Three posts popped up all at THAT'S exciting! Will be enjoying all of them.

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