Wednesday, July 1

thinking of butterflies....

Well this is well deserved but extremely LATE post. Last month I organized an event within my moms group for the Holocaust Muesuem in Houston, TX.

We started with a story about a hippo that was rude and insisted on the other animals to be his friend and even naming himself king. We talked about how that would make us feel and I tried to explain to the VERY young group that once there was a guy who thought b/c people were different he had the right to hurt them, including the children. We talked about how that was wrong.

In the end I asked them to make any sort of butterfly they wished to represent the kids that were hurt and explained that they were going to be in a museum FOREVER in an exhibit. They really out did themselves and had a great time doing so.

We had tons of butterflies in all sorts of mediums. I do believe this was one of my favorite gatherings. Thanks to all.

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