Monday, August 17

a little boy...

growing before my eyes....

This was taken in Sept of 2007, we were heading to preschool.

This was August 2008, we were on our way to Kindergarden.

And here is this year, August 2009, we are heading to First Grade!!!

This little boy of mine just made my heart thump this morning. His dad put Molly in the bed with him and she licked him and ran around until he was up! In fact within minutes he was awake shorts, socks and tennis shoes were on! Luckily he kept his shirt off until after breakfast. He isn't someone who eats right away, so naturally Molly recieved all his attention. He was being extremely sweet this morning and chattering away to his little puppy.

I couldn't help but watch him in the corner of my eyes all morning.... he's a little boy. He has changed. His body has changed, at his recent well appointment we realized that he is in the 75%(tile) for height.

I am feeling very blessed with the young person in front of you. He is really brave. Other kids like him because he is friendly. One of his favorite things about school today was math. The other was music. He said that it was a little bit scary today, but that he was okay. The lunchroom still overwhelms him with the noise. He took his lunch. Turkey and cheese lunchable and watermelon with water (his favorite drink).


mommyknows said...

OMGosh he is so cute. I love his sweet expression from this morning's photo. You can tell how sweet he is just by looking at him.

I am happy to hear he had a good day!

I know it's cliche, but they grow up to darn fast. TOO FAST!

Love your new puppy, nearly as cute as his owner :P

Blessings each day said...

What a stunningly handsome young man! What a lucky teacher to get the gift of a Corbyn in her room! Hope he got sufficiently smooched (and puppy licked) before going to school!

smooches with hugs and love,

Jolene said...

It's amazing how fast they grow!! Emma started first grade last week! Amazing.