Thursday, September 3

second batch

So, I haven't posted about making my own laundry soap.

There are tons of info out there on the web and it really was as simple as I hoped it would be. And one of the best parts? If I run out of detergent, I do NOT have to make a grocery store run or shell out $20 at Costco. I bought the total supplies for less than $7 and it has made 3 batches (2 for me, one for a friend) thus far, with several more awaiting their turn. Another plus is that you have the option of dry or liquid. I prefer the liquid method. If you are interested you can find more here.

Finished product.

Even Mr. Skeptical thinks its cool, especially when I let him stir the thick gel like concoction (it sits for 24hrs). I think that he was worried I had fell into the looney bin.

A friend got a friend started, she in turn got me started, and I passed it on to another good friend who has now made her second batch. I love the 'village' of women and how they help one another. I am very blessed with the friends I have in my life. Thank you for always encouraging me and being there when I need you, even if it is to just talk about the consistency of soap. Have a wonderful and blessed day!

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kim @ mommyknows said...

I so want to know how you made it. I would love to do this.