Saturday, September 26

Its good...

Well... sorry to leave everyone hanging but my Dad is doing good. No pain, just moving a little slower.

During the procedure it was determined that he has 70% blockage which the doctor is confident that medication will take care and dissolve it. We will see. He goes back on Thursday for a follow up appointment.

In the mean time, he's good.

In other good news, Corbyn grew up a little more today. He participated in a little shindig the older boys of the Scouts put on for the Tiger Cubs and new prospects. He was nervous in the beginning and in the end was totally fine and had collected 8 beads (one bead per activity). When he realized his number he asked if he could do a few more. He was shown a demostration on how to fold the American flag and then was able to do it himself with the older scout. The boy reminded him to be serious and precise with the flag. Corbyn learned how to carry the flag by himself and with another person. It was very cool.

There were air pumped rocket launchers, exploding film canisters, puppet making, seed planting, money counting, and a ball toss are to just name a few.

Even his sister had a good time.

It was hot.

Our cheeks are sun kissed.

We were proud of our day.

We ended with a playdate with a dear friend, races and a walk around the neighborhood.

Hope your weekend is fantastic.

The end.


kim @ mommyknows said...

Sorry to hear your dad is unwell, but happy to hear that the prognosis is good.

Sounds like a great scouting day :)

Lucy Jane said...

Thanks Kim!!!