Tuesday, February 2

a few links...

Its been so long, I feel like I should up date on so much that has happened since the last time I really posted, before Christmas!!! Instead I will just post a list of my WANT TO DO for Valentines...

1. I want to give everyone I know one of these... and esp Corbyn's & Myla's teachers.

2. I want to do this project with the kids.

3. This is neat too.

4. And I also want a reason to make these... I'm thinking Cub Scouts?

I've been knitting here and there still. Just practicing different stitches and what they look like together... I have made two scarves, various Barbie blankets and a large rectangle that I thought I could make into a pillow. The other day I bought a crochet hook, so I plan to Youtube that and figure out how to make some flowers (to hide the mistakes on my knitted scarves...heehee). But thats in the future sometime.

Thats about it.

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