Sunday, February 28

Lollygag'in today...

It rained through the night and has been a cloudy wet Sunday.
Relaxing, actually.

Though Pie Pie and I did have to make another run for (kids) pull ups for Molly. Today marks 7 days she has been in heat and she has been amazing. Never chewing or pulling at her diaper. Will keep it on ALL night. She is an awesome little Molly Polly Wally Frog.

Never complains about us tugging and pulling these diapers (2 different styles of doggie diapers which were a complete joke for a dog with a nub for a tail. Do you want to guess where the stuff went that was suppose to stay in... yep, right through the tail hole!!!! I saved Myla's training pull ups, I had almost a full pack but had decided to keep them just in case a friend might need one. Anyhoo, they worked the best. (this has not been a fun experience... please don't take it the wrong way)

I remembered something today and wanted to share it. I had been reading a blog that I love to look at and routinely drool over her crocheted hair pins and necklaces and came across this wonderful treasure and thought of my inherited treasure and knowing that I had taken a couple pics didn't know if I had ever shared it.

A woman who never ceases to amaze me in her wit and motherhood abilities lost her aunt last year. She and her mom had the duty of going through her craft room and she said it was just full of stuff and random different crafts. They didn't want to just give it as a donation and wanted to give it to people they knew... well she knows me. And lucky ole' me was more than willing to pilfer through old treasures. The buttons I don't have the heart to take off (you can see them in the last picture... if you notice a little green strip to the right of the buttons, its bias tape but really old.) The thread is all wound on to the little cardboards holders labeled in her handwritting, mostly catagorized in color, four containers total!!!

I never met her, but i wish I had. She had little scraps of stuff in this tupperware container (which ironic enough, I have a matching tupperware container, in red, that I got from my in laws (the white cabinet). It is a treasure keeper that now belongs to my son.) I imagine her walking to this little box to put odds and ends.


Valaire said...

Hi Brande,
what a sweet dog. I love that look. I love all of those threads in that case. It's like a treasure trove. I'm glad you had some kick back time. Take care.

lera said...

Those are great treasures. I love going through someone else's sewing/crafting stuff. Last summer I bought a neighbor's mother's old sewing tin. And, man, is it ever old. My neighbor is probably in her 80's or close to it.

(And to answer the question you left on my post, I was knitting a lot while watching the Olympics. Now that the Olympics are over, well, I might not be so productive.)