Friday, October 15


 I have learned that from this spot I have the BEST view!!! Watching her from back here and seeing just

 how determined she is sometimes makes me giddy through my core.  Her posture even cracks me up.

So proud of her.
   (pictures from our camping trip in Oracle, AZ)

Wednesday, October 13


 Both of my children were born where the Saquaro Cactus grow tall... 

we are thinking of uprooting them to a place that would be closer to the people that we love.

 Its a hard desicion, but one that we feel is right.  We are home as long as we are together.

I have a hole in my heart just thinking of leaving...

Arizona is such a part of me that I can't imagine the last 11 years of my life anywhere else.

To the point that I almost can't imagine living a life anywhere else.

I know that wherever our path may lead us, it will be right for our family. 

Monday, July 19


In all the cleverness I have come across since a certain friend introduced me to blogging almost 4 yrs ago, I have to totally brag about this one.  I mean for real people this is a project that my kiddos would LOVE and I don't even think I have to go any further than the basket of magazines that are piling up, the tape dispenser and the recycle bin (cardboard boxes)!!!  The possibilities are driving me crazy so I felt that if I blogged about it (1) I won't lose the link to the infinity amount of 'want to try' list in my favorites folder and (2) I can continue for a moment to dance in my excitement, because I can promise you if I run in the other room to tell hubby he will just look at me with no response and totally be a buzz kill. 
Anyways... that's it, nightie night.