Saturday, May 2

Last night

We had a sleep over. The boys were so excited that they couldn't stand it. They both knew what would happen that afternoon when school was out. They do not attend the same school, they met about 3 yrs ago in our MOMS Club. After picking up Toe from school, he ran as fast as he could, grinning from ear to ear. We walked to the car hand in hand, talking about how 'B-man' was getting to his house and when. His mom called while we were in the car and said they were no too far away. We pulled up in the driveway and Corbyn, hands held out in front of himself, he inhaled deep and exhaled slowly, and said, "I need to calm myself"!!!!!!!!!! I thought I would die. I laughed. I kissed him. And then we took a deep breath together. As much as this little boy can rattle my nerves and drive me completely up the wall, I love him so much that it consumes my entire being.
He is a great little person. (And yes, I taught him that. Usually though I have to remind him, not today.)

The kids shot a Nerf dart over the fence so the four of us walked around to fetch it... well that turned into a 45 min walk towards the wash and the boys ran and ran. The path is laid with red red red dirt (do you get it?) Well, since I was walking with slow poke who insisted on picking every flower that crossed her path, I didnt realize what they were playing. But the red dirt... of course... HOT LAVA. What else?

Anyhoo, after a long afternoon the kids settled down to watch some cartoons. And I ran to get my stapler and these old coffee filters that belonged to my father in law. (Ganga, I know you don't drink coffee) And because my coffee pot uses a different style and the fact I have a hard time throwing things out that could be used in crafting, they've been patiently waiting their turn for 3yrs up above the stove, in the little cabinet that rarely gets opened. BUT their time has come... I saw this awesome craft with these style filters and well.... boom boom its been in my head every since just waiting for the right moment. ((now looking at her pictures, I will be on a better look out for the sticks.)) So go check out her blog.. (I love the slang in the title)

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