Monday, November 10

Kitchen Poetry::2

Today was one of the first really chilly days... that lasted all day, not just morning and night. Around lunch time I was pondering all the cold weather food that I could fix for this evening... and what would be easier and better than tomato soup and grilled cheese.

Campbells all the way. Though I have always been interested in making my own, I never have. Yet. A little salt, a little pepper and a little Italian seasong...its umm..uumm.. good.

I am very lucky, it is one of the few things that my husband and I throughly enjoy and the kids do too.

I remember at the hospital, hours after giving birth to my son, I was starving. It was around 4 in the morning and I had just finished nursing him and thought that I would walk down to the kitchen that they had for the patients and their spouses. (we had such an amazing experience) Mario had asked me to bring him back ceral, Frosted Flakes to be exact and milk (he had already been and knew the inventory)... I walked down the hall and I couldn't believe my eyes... there were miniture size cans of tomato soup (I even remember thinking they were cute, it must have been the hormones!!!!!) I poked around the cabinets and found stryofoam bowls and plastic spoons... and heated it up. Yes in the styrofoam bowl, shame on me. What was funny about this was the look on the nurse's face who passed me on my way back to the room... minutes after 4 am and she sees me carrying a steaming bowl of tomato soup... two small milk cartons (one for me, one for hubby) and a single serving bowl of ceral... she just smiled and I smiled back. That was it. But, back in the room while I was eating my soup it was like pure heaven and sweet home contentment... nothing could have been better at that moment. It was warm and cozy all the way down.

inside cover of Magic Chef...

If I fix it, it has the ingredients mentioned earlier, and I add water. If hubby fixes it, its the same spices and he adds milk. We both love each others, but we still fix it different ways. And well the grill cheese is just an awesome excuse to dip your crust into the soup. Umm... Ummm... good I say or rather, we say...

Copyright...1936...14th edition

This is a book given to me from my mother in law. She had given me some really cool items and this vintage cookbook is just one of them. There are more pictures of this book and another from the 1940's on my flickr page.

Well... I will see you tomorrow...have a good night with big dreams.