Monday, February 23

30 days: 17

One word for you... Nalesniki. One day our kids will realize how cool their parents really are. These were made for dinner. My favorite version is with cream cheese, sugar, and cinnamon.
Husband thinks it must be in his blood with his skills of flippin' these large crepes. His parents always had a square griddle and Mario has a large round one... the crepes were HUGE!!!
(this is my recipe holder) It all started... mostly anyhow, with recipes that I received from my sister in law of the meals that have been passed down on her side of the family. The one above is one of them. Because of this and the awesome-ness of 'goolge' ling any recipe that strikes my fancy... I now just write it out on (printer) paper , hole punch it, and put it in my binder. I have tabs for breakfast, meals, sweets, extras, and sides.

Saturday, February 21

30 days:15

30 days:15

30 days:15

This morning my little dude was playing with this box and his 'guys'. The guys were all over the box. And I thought... hey... I know what to do...

out came the crayons and markers.... tape... and scissors.... the trees, bushes and mountain were all ideas from my son. He wanted a place for the guys to hide. (can you find the guy hiding in the first picture?) Anyhoo... we had a good morning. And actually a good day, all day.

Thursday, February 19

30 days:14

She was my stuffer. Those little fingers were working very hard.

this is my second bird pattern that I have tried... the first was here, which is still totally cute but very small for my clumsy fingers. I then came across the cutest birds perched ever so sweetly on a branch at Sew Liberated. The tutorial actually came from Spool Sewing, where she created a bird mobile. They turned out a little wonky, so I made the pattern a little bigger and had another go at it... better I think. Sorry there's no picture yet.
But I have this cute picture of my little chickadee...
Someone tell her to stop growing and just stay where she is...
That dimple in her left cheek drives me nutty...
I just want to kiss and squish her to pieces...

Tuesday, February 17

30 days:13

When I put stuff back it never really goes back to the same home. The picture by the door was in my closet. The picture and the spoon and fork that use to reside over the cabinet (of dishes) are now both in the kitchen. This picture use to be near the door.

getting put back together again...

The bird picture, which I love, I bought at Goodwill one day a long time ago. For $3.99 I do believe. Anyhoo, its new to the area and so is the recliner. Normally its over near the desk.
Will see how this works out as a reading area with the kids.
30 days: 13
And that bright orange patch was my attempt in bringing something bright to the room. I used this piece that I got last year .... Its really a pocket. Nothing special, I wanted the most simple project possible last night. It ties on the side so that you can remove the cover.

Monday, February 16

Mod Podge how to:

one bottle Mod Podge
1 sponge or paint brush
scrapbook paper

Cut paper the desired size.

apply Mod Podge on object then lay paper down on top, and repeat with the Mod Podge.

Thin even coats across.

let dry.

I thought I had taken a better picture of the new caddy, but I guess not. It is actually really cheerful and allows my pencils, pens and scissors to be separated and it even has room for envelops in the back. I think that orginally it was to be used as a silver ware caddy. I love the Americana theme, but this item looked cheap and like a sticker. I like its new look.

Sunday, February 15

30 days:12

Bella and Myla

We are doggy sitting and Myla is always so fasicnated with animals. She was in Bella's face and petting very softly.

We discovered these great waves in the sky.

At some point during the weekend they always talk their dad into jumping on the trampoline. He's loves it as much as they do. ((one of these days I will catch him jumping by himself, he has been known to do that)

) a favorite on Sunday...

This afternoon I was able to sneak out to go looking for a few treasures. Just look what I found.

I got these dishes for Pie Pie's playhouse.
I paid a dollar a piece.


This I found for $7 !!! Its completely hand carved into the wood and then handpainted.
I wish there was some indication as to where it was made. Because..... all wood, carving

I have this handcarved picture that is from Poland. They have (hubbys family) family there, but this was from a friend, Wanda. We have a bunch of other stuff from that region and they seem to like the carving of wood....
I found a few more books, but these were my favorites.

vintage childrens books
Snow White
Snow White

Friday, February 13

30 days:10

you don't have a recliner in your kitchen?
Why would the recliner be in the kitchen you wonder?

front door
we had the carpets cleaned yesterday...

front room
we were trapped from the front of the house and from our bedroom.

our room...

Thursday, February 12

30days: 09

30days: 09

I walked in from MNO with my Moms group and found this on my couch.

Wednesday, February 11

30 days:08

30tinymoments: 08

(***this means I was crafty today.)

I was actually Super Mom today. And yesterday. Something about a sick baby and I have the ability of super powers to get stuff in order and have a wonderful time doing it.

I am trying to get into the holiday spirit so I decided to make paper hearts and got the idea from her) and then decided to make a garland like I saw here. Go on over to this place and this place if you want more ideas. Happy Hunting.

Tuesday, February 10

30 days: 07

30days: 07

is my soup smiling?
I added tomato sauce, potatoes, carrots, and green beans, more garlic and pepper to the leftover soup from last night. It was really yummy, again. The bread was the same. We warmed it and added butter.
Had to take the kiddos into the pediatrician's office today because of a nagging cold that hasn't left. Each on antibiotics. Different dosage amounts. One is labeled with green the other with red. The baby girl was quite pitiful last night and this morning. She's better now. Take care. I am looking forward to a high of 68 degrees for the week.

Monday, February 9

30 days: 06

part of 30tinymoments: 06
What a great day...
30tinymoments: 06
rain and cold weather...
cold weather, homemade soup... and a fresh loaf of bread in the making.
homemade soup
cold weather, homemade soup... and a fresh loaf of bread in the making.
and topped off with a fresh loaf of bread.

Sunday, February 8


30 days: 05

This little girl amazes me everyday. Have I said that about her before?
With both my babies I could sit, watch and stare at them literally ALL day. I think of the past 5 and half years of being a mom, staying at home and I know that it hasn't always been easy. But I have always had a sense of the mother that I wanted to be. Always... all the way back to my childhood. Being a mommy I thought was just the coolest. I had a younger brother and a couple younger cousins that I got much practice on. Not to even mention my dolls.
There have been so many days of no laundry, no cleaning, and soup with grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner because we were to busy with each other. Luckily they have a Dad that works all day and doesn't mind coming home to a well 'lived' in space.
Now don't get me wrong I have high expectations on the cleanliness of a home, but I learned to get over it if I don't have the energy. It will always be there later. Try to enjoy the moment.
I am not someone who doesn't like to be at home, I LOVE my home and am perfectly content inside. I love trying to make my house a home. I rearrange constantly. Well, maybe seasonally is a better fit. I do not spend a lot of money on the home front asthetics but I love a comfy space filled with things we love, mostly handed down to us. However, I do have a rather large 'wish' list... its just not the priority yet.
My mother in law has always commented on my ability to refrain myself from smooching them to pieces (that they do get I promise) but not while doing their 'work'. I love watching them figure stuff out or making something all THEIR own. I have learned to 'sit' on my hands if you will, instead of jumping in. I have been to plenty of craft days to watch the moms interjecting because it wasn't like the 'sample'. I'm not that mom. If it has three eyeballs, well it has three eyeballs. To them its a special power. (this has been done before)
Anyways back to the picture, I believe because I am this way that my children are learning to problem solve all on their own, all the while knowing that I am there if they need me. I mean, over 5 years at this I should be good, no? I am kidding really, because I experience my fair share of feeling failure of providing what they need. Then I get off my pity party and realize I am doing just fine.
This is my daughters favorite puzzle. We have lots of puzzles. If you go over to my flickr page you can witness her putting it together. (my first video upload) She's quite silent went working and working she is....

Friday, February 6

30days: 02 and 03 (playing a little catch up)

30 tiny moments: 02
30 tiny moments: 02

this is what my little people were doing... side by side... teeth brushed... both in their favorite pajamas... watching the phenomen that I will NEVER understand. (Even if I occasionally laugh)

30 tiny moments: 02

And this has been my every free moment lately... so, I present

30 tiny moment :03
Tiny moments #3

Thursday, February 5

its me...

Of course I start to begin something (30 tiny moments) and am sidetracked!!! Anyhoo... I am promising myself to get with the program.


Sunday, February 1

day one: 30 tiny moments...

day one: 30 tiny moments (take two)

Last year this month I started the 30 tiny moments sort of challenge... and I was thinking that, "hey... I should do it again"... especially since I remembered BEFORE I missed my anniversary date. So... here I start... sitting at my computer with not a bunch to say.

There are a lot of I spy's in this picture, though you may have to actually 'click' on it to see the full picture..... My grandmother. My kids. My purple Christmas present from hubby. A vase from Finland. Postal stamps. Envelope. Cookbook. Corbyn's first piece of ceramic making.

see you tomorrow.