Sunday, September 16

little things; BIG enJOYment

I wanted to share a few of my JOYS from today…..

1. A Cloudy day!!!! (those of you who do not experience the 360 days of the Arizona sunshine may not understand my joy of today's overcast. (how did Florida get the nickname ‘Sunshine State’? They need to reconsider who holds such a title.) Part of my morning routine is opening all the blinds, so anywhere you walk in the house you can see outside… and throughout the day I found myself gazing at the wonderful ‘hazy hue outside. The kids even went outside (still close to 100 degrees) and played at the water table… with the sun hiding behind the clouds it didn’t seem so bad.

2. We (mostly me) cleaned out Co’bs room. We were able to diminish the collection of Matchbox cars down to JUST ‘20′ cars and trucks (I had to make sure ALL the Scooby Doo one’s were there, we double and triple checked ourselves just to make sure). We managed to get rid of 5 stuffed animals, though I was hoping to have the number higher, it was sweet that he insists that he has to cuddle them (there are about 10 on the bed and the rest are in a large red bucket under his loft bed) because “i yaove them” (I will never correct his speach on this one). In the end we had 1 bag for the trash, 1 bag for donation, and 1 bag for resale.

3. After a day of cleaning rooms and laundry (which I still haven’t folded), I loaded the kids up to drop off our donation pile (its been piling up) to our local, and BRAND NEW Goodwill. The receipt of donation has a 20% off purchase coupon which I basically ran with to the front door. (Did I mention the nice, clean and COVERED drop off area, another HUGE plus in this Arizona’ian’s book of favorites. Well we each found a treasure… Pieya got a little bitty ride-on toy- its a little pink bike with a basket on the front, $1.99…. Co’b has been eyeing a Resue Hero tower at our favority resale shop that has been priced at $17.99-RESALE … well the first thing he spotted was a similar one with a price tag of $2.99!!!! In the back, there is a small section of material and I found this (the picture up above... I couldn't get the image to move for some reason) for only $.99!!!! I like this fabric so much that I used in for my banner in my shop. I haven't listed any items yet... but I have a couple of projects in the making. later!

easy breezy

After going to bed way to late last night... 'Pieya naturally got up way too early this morning.
So... I decided to make it a great day anyway... with the guys still asleep (it was 7am), she and I escaped to Starbucks... just the girls! I love the sound of that. Co'b and I use to have 'dates' ...we would go to our coffee shop... mommy gets a chai frap or a iced carmel macchiato... Co'b would get a 'cow'...(Horizon's milk box) and like me he would swap b/w vanilla and chocolate depending on moods.
But today was different, today was Pieya's turn. She's 15 mos and we had our first- just the two of us date to the local coffee shop. I had a carmel macchiato and she had chocolate milk. We shared a cheese danish. She wore her Dora pajamas... complete with bed head! We had a great time as she opened and closed her hands to the men and women who came and left. She would smile and tilt that little head down... and wave! I love her!
Later that day... me and the little guy went to Lowe's to buy the paint mommy finally talked dad into doing in the family room and kitchen. Updates on that to come... maybe even a few pictures. I love before and afters. We went with Aracucana Sage, I started a little trim work... and I can not wait to tackle this project. Okay... I so need to go to sleep.
By the way... I made this apron for my grandmother... I can't wait for her to get it. later.