Sunday, January 10

Twenty ten...

Found this video on someones blog , and thought that it was nice. A little arsty fartsy, but in the end a huge message with that construction paper heart.

Twenty ten... this year I am looking forward to what is in store for my little family.

Even Christmas was more fun with the littlest in awe of the season and actually waking up this year to see what Santa left for her. Poor Pieness got really upset Christmas Eve, when we told them they needed to head to bed because Santa was getting closer (we were looking at the Santa tracker on the web) and that if they weren't asleep he'd have to go around and come back... she started crying b/c she thought that mean't he wouldn't come to our house at all!!!! I held her and reasurred her that she still had plenty of time to fall asleep.

Twenty ten... my oh my.... here we go... almost part way through the month.

Hope your New Year is nothing short of amazing!!!

Keep your loved ones close.