Friday, March 13

Thoughtful Friday...

It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade. ~Charles Dickens

Monday, March 9

get out and discover your world...

here.... at the bird observatory

bird observatory

a lake in the desert????

our beautiful sunday
Just sharing a little of our Sunday. Hope you week is filled with lots of wonder. (anyone notice that I kept with the scheme of things and 'yellow' found its way into my pictures once AGAIN!)

Sunday, March 8

Pumpkin cake goodness...

getting ready for pumpkin goodness...

I have been wanting to bake something for our neighbor. After being in ICU for more than 2 weeks and then in a rehab facility... she is finally home. I witnessed her walking up to her front door when just weeks before they thought she would never return home.

step one

They have two dogs, Abbey and Twitt, who have become really good friends to my two little ducklings. We fed the dogs each night while Bob stayed with his wife at the hospital. The kids looked forward to going over each night and still ask if they can go feed them.

step three

Corbyn helped in every way possible. He measured the three cups of flour. He used every bit of elbow grease that he had stirring and whisking in all the spices. He even cracked the eggs!!! Recipe here.

We later took the mini cakes over to surprise them and stayed to talk and hang out for bit. I was surprised at how well she looked and moved about. She is an odd lady, but one of the most friendliest people ever. I haven't spent much time talking with her the past couple of years it seems, probably because she can be so odd. During the time of taking care of her babies and entering her home without her being there, I begin to regret not making more of an effort of saying hi. Now that she was given a second chance, I feel like I am too. My kids crawled through their doggy doors and all over the furniture and I never felt like a bad mom... they are great people and I am very thankful for all the wonderful support I have in my life. Go bake a cake and say a prayer for everyone that is important to you. take care.

author and illustrator...

a lefthanded person's book

look and find

his book idea... look and find

flower period

he was reading his title page
The above picture has a weird angle but I was trying to get the book and the fact that he was reading.

Several things are special to me about these photos. Most for the obvious, but other things I noticed are the fact that he, even though his words are correct and not backwards (that sometimes still happens,but not as frequent) his book opens from his lefthandedness. The staples are flipped to the right side. (I make these simple books from thin cardboard (think cereal boxes) and use printer paper cut in half and then stapled to it. No cover to deal with and bend back. very simple.
Another is that I watched him draw the car and his hands were quick with the motion to design the wheels first and then the body of the car, window and then the handle.
He thinks his leaves aren't any good (the last picture with the flower). I asked him if he was a loony patuny because his leaves were fabulous leaves. (he had me draw the one that is labeled, though he extended my stem and wrote the word). He is a man of detail when he draws and when he speaks.

Thursday, March 5

when life hands you lemons...

and an orange or two...

take pictures of them.

Luckily the kids stayed healthy during hubby and my little escape last week. I hadn't felt that bad in a really long time. Sore throat the first day. Then a runny nose... I used an entire roll of tissue during one of the days. It was ridiculous. And I'm not even mentioning the burning eyes, headache, body aches, and coughing.

That was this time last week.

This is now.

I have been making every thing I can with oranges and lemons. I tried an Orange Ginger loaf in the bread machine. It was really tasty, the problem was that it didn't rise properly and was a short stout little loaf and was gone as soon as my little family left the table.

I volunteered in my son's class. But this time it was for the classroom store. The students had been earning 'pirate booty' for the past month or two.

I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with orange extract. (I was out of vanilla and thought I would keep the trend going) they aren't bad. I may have used just a tad too much orange extract though.

Almost caught up on laundry. Translation: two loads, clean, just not folded and put away, but I vacuumed.

I made a spring skirt for Myla. I'm thinking of putting one of these, on her shirt when she wears it. (a purple and white one)

Went to the library twice since last week.

My son had a friend over after school yesterday. It was early release. He rode with us in our car and everything. They had such a good time. Its so refreshing when that happens.