Saturday, December 6

Silence of the mom....

I can not speak. Litterally. I open my mouth and try... but very little sound comes out. And the ones that do just sound awful. Whispering is the best. And do you know what I have found out???? Its nice. The kids whisper back at me. Maybe this is the secret. I just wish I didn't have to feel so bad. What am I saying? I feel a tons better than I did 3 days ago.

We got our tree up. No decorations yet. Thats tonight or tommorow's family project, including the lights outfront. I kinda want to put up lights on the back patio. We'll see.

I did get to see Twlight. Finally!!!! I very much enjoyed being taken back to the beginning of Edward and Bella. What a ride. I think they did what they could, and fudged when they had to... like the Cullens house. For those who love this couple... I looked long and hard for the perfect video... and by golly I think I got it. So, enjoy... if you haven't then maybe this will entice you.

Even hubby enjoyed it. He surprised me and took me to the movies... I had no clue. He pulled into the parking lot... and I'm like..."We're going to the movies?" and he just smiles. As we are walking up I have not one clue what we would be going to see... and then as we approach the ticket booth and I see the showings... I knew. Mario can be very sweet.

So it was awesome I thought. And not even so much then. But now. When my mind wonders back to the movie and I think that I just loved it. All the parts. Trying to fill hubby in on all the info with Victoria and the other books was fun. I was tripping all over myself with information.

Anyhoo... have a great weekend.