Friday, October 17

Thoughtful Friday....

thoughtful friday

When I approach a child, he inspires in me two sentiments; tenderness for what he is, and respect for what he may become.
~Louis Pasteur
(this picture of our family was drawn last year this time, Corbyn was 4. Dad is on the left and mom is holding his sister. This picture is on my bathroom mirror. It use to be on the wall near my computer monitor. I love him so much. I can't even begin to explain how very proud I am of him. Yesterday we met with his teacher... for the most part he seems to be above average (but I already knew but to hear that his teacher really seems to understand him and that she has earned his trust says alot to me. I couldn't have been more proud of my son... he is growing so fast... I can't believe 5 years later he still takes my breath away. He is amazing.