Sunday, September 16

easy breezy

After going to bed way to late last night... 'Pieya naturally got up way too early this morning.
So... I decided to make it a great day anyway... with the guys still asleep (it was 7am), she and I escaped to Starbucks... just the girls! I love the sound of that. Co'b and I use to have 'dates' ...we would go to our coffee shop... mommy gets a chai frap or a iced carmel macchiato... Co'b would get a 'cow'...(Horizon's milk box) and like me he would swap b/w vanilla and chocolate depending on moods.
But today was different, today was Pieya's turn. She's 15 mos and we had our first- just the two of us date to the local coffee shop. I had a carmel macchiato and she had chocolate milk. We shared a cheese danish. She wore her Dora pajamas... complete with bed head! We had a great time as she opened and closed her hands to the men and women who came and left. She would smile and tilt that little head down... and wave! I love her!
Later that day... me and the little guy went to Lowe's to buy the paint mommy finally talked dad into doing in the family room and kitchen. Updates on that to come... maybe even a few pictures. I love before and afters. We went with Aracucana Sage, I started a little trim work... and I can not wait to tackle this project. Okay... I so need to go to sleep.
By the way... I made this apron for my grandmother... I can't wait for her to get it. later.

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