Tuesday, November 11

Kitchen Poetry::3

Co'b was out of school yesterday with a cold. Today was a holiday. This morning was really chilly in the house and as usual my family snuggles up to keep warm. We love the fall/ winter weather. The past two mornings have been great to just have our pj's on and not have to leave the house. It reminded me of all the mornings that we use to have... I miss them. Though we love school and it has been a great adventure thus far... I miss it being just me and just the kids.
Yesterday the kids picked bags full of limes and lemons from the trees in the backyard... this morning Co'b put them in a bowl for the dinning room table. It looks nice. I love a centerpiece.
He took six of them and squeezed juice for him and his sister. Myla passed and stuck to drinking her water. Corbyn however, added a little water and drank it all.
As we speak I am making homemade bread. Well the bread machine is anyway. A honey oat loaf. I can't wait to slice it up and add butter. I thought about whipping up a little honey in a small bowl of butter to serve with it. This is my third use of the bread machine, and the first for actually baking it IN the machine. I can't wait to see the results. Its so easy.
Well take care... and remember your Veteran's.