Sunday, November 29

a weekends work in progress...

I am hoping that our family can send a little homemade love in the mail this year for Christmas.
Here is a little bit of our start.

I made a star last year and while revisiting the Crafty Crow yesterday I rediscovered this project and a cute little twist and making them into snowflakes. I really like the woodsy look, but might have the kids add some glitter to the snowflakes. I'll be better prepared and PICKY with my sticks next time I go on a hunt (literally a hunt in these parts).

Finally made these!!! After more than a year ago peeling off all that crayon paper, we have tree shaped crayons!!!! We are going to make some sort of book (either blank like a sketch pad or handdrawn images for a coloring book) to go along with them and give them as gifts.
Woot Woot!!! These were very exciting to watch melt.

And my current obsession. So far I haven't followed a pattern, it overwhelms me a little. However this is my second long practice scarf, the other was half this size in width. It only took me two days to get this far and that I am excited about that because I really don't feel like I spent that much time at each sitting. There are several mistakes but I am getting there.