Sunday, September 14

a little this... a little that...

I know that I have posted before that I love before and after shots... well here is one for all who knew my poor poor circle out front...

front yard earlier this year...

we had an issue with the drip system and lost a few plants... but we, as we did in the back yard... tried to REUSE any and all materials as possible... so the circle became a small wall... (which I would like to add a third row of blocks... but face a little resistance from hubby)... and the rocks were used from the back yard to help fill in around the wall.

Here it is at our current pause until cooler weather permits us to do more

front yard now

Do you like our baby tree? Its a ginkgo. My hubby is fascinated that it is from prehistoric times and reguarded as a 'living fossil'... and ultimately the reason we got it. Not to mention that we were hoping to bring some change of season to our desert oasis... (the leaves are to turn a great golden yellow in the fall!!!!) The green border thing that keeps the mulch from entering the land of rocks, really bugs us... but I'm sure we will find a solution to cover it up... river rock???

And do you know that there is only ONE thing that I like about the summers here??? Can you guess what it is? Its in the after picture?

The Mexican Bird of Paradise!!!! Its like a huge wall of orange!!! The neighbors have one too, so when I open the blinds in the dinning room theirs shine through for me to enjoy.