Sunday, October 12

I VOTE for HOPE...

I have written several posts about this election, but could never bring myself to hit the publish button... but with all the 'BIG STICK'(S) walking around and with less than a month until the election, I can no longer sit on my hands and not stand up for what I believe.

This is for any and all that want to listen to my opinion. This isn't meant to offend, just merely the way I see it. This is for my friends and family (because I love you) that still seem to be blinded by the Republican parties' attempts to smear not only this campaign, but this family. A family that cares about the future of the United States of America. If McCain and Palin won the election on THEIR policies, THEIR principles and THEIR morals alone, I would be okay with that. However, I am not okay with the campaign that portrays this family as anything but what they are. It's not okay. (if you would like to check out some of these links that I have come and here could get you started)

When I look at Barrack Obama I see a man who loves his wife... loves his daughters... and loves THIS country as much as I do. He seems to have a general concern about me, my family and the future of America. When I see Joe Biden I see an intellgent man that stood 'alone' during the V.P debate and has plenty of knowledge about foreign affairs... has raised a respectable family and seems to be fighting along with Obama for the good of our country. Both men I would be proud to say were the President and Vice President of the Untied States of America.

(one of the best parts of this video is about 3 mins in...)

He wants to rebuild our America bottom up, and from what I can see I'm not far from the bottom. Yes, I am extremely lucky to have a roof over my head in a nice neighborhood, in a great part of town, in a 'good' public school system... but all I have to do is drive less than 10 minutes and realities change. That's a little too close to home. Is it possible to regain hope and prosperity for those that have less than myself? To help them overcome what has been dealt to them and have the same opportunities as my son and daughter? For my son and daughter to have the same opportunities as those that have more than us?

My husband works full time...I work from home... we clip coupons... we conserve gas... we recycle...we conserve energy... we conserve water... we eat out on occasion, but not excessive... and still in the end we seem to live paycheck to paycheck with not much left over to go to savings. Actually when there is extra money something unexpectedly comes up. Just recently something as simple as car registration soaked up $400... so, yes just as soon as we are ahead... we go back to just being 'even', which seems in our economy is better than most, others are coming up short each month after paying for just utilities, morgages, and gas. So, I suppose that we are lucky.

My son attends the public school here in our neighborhood and I tell myself that we are lucky to live in a good school district, and to take advantage of it. But am I selfish to want more for him? I want him not to get lost in the system because he is quite and a listener by nature and not worrying about another budget cut in the school system and opps oh well there went the teacher aids(that happened at the end of last year)... what will be next... art? music? I want his future to be wide OPEN and full of opportunties. I want a school system in which to be proud of sending my children to day in and day out.

As I type this, it reminds me of a conversation with a friend earlier this summer as she and her husband were looking for a place to call home... her biggest concern was the school district. Our thoughts quickly were the same... "as a mom, and as ALL the parents flooding the school campus picking up their children, they must want the same for THEIR own children as much as my husband and I do for OUR children..." Right?

I come from a small town in the south... most there want nothing of an African American as President and have been taken advantage of (in my opinion) and scared deep down to their core because of what happened on September 11th... because of a picture that the Republican party has painted of a man that against all odds has made it this far... I am proud to say that I will be voting for the Obama/Biden ticket. I am proud to say that I believe in his words... I feel it down deep. I see a man that has the best interest of this nation for his daughters to grow up in.

This video I came across and picked because it really bothers me that some vote strictly based on a 'party'. I know that some live 'black and white' with no grey or pink or yellow in between, but what happened to choosing a canidate based upon his skills and or visions, whatever party that they might represent? So I am proud of this guy for standing up against the Republican party and planning to vote according to what is important to him and what he believes is best for his country.

I am a registered Democrat. I'm a liberal I suppose. Even still in this election and in the last I looked at EACH candidate. I listen to each. I choose because of 'who' seems to hold the same outlook of my future. You might think that I was a supporter all along of Barrack Obama... but I wasn't.... I looked at Paul, Nader, McCain, not so much Hilary... and in the end Obama seemed to keep me intrigued... wanting more.

I guess I should wrap this up... all I am saying is that you have the right to vote for who you believe in... utilize that right as an American and make up your own decision based on your faith in the candidate... and not because someone bullied you into believing something for a vote.

(as I re-read all that I have written I realize that I have only been speaking of the 'education' part of my reason for voting Obama/ apparently subconsciously I have picked this as most important to me... and rather than add my concerns of McCain/Palin's health care proposal... and the importance of renewable energy... I will leave it as it is... the education system of our country and most importantly the future of my children.)

And because I have put so much on this... I would like to end with this message of hope...