Friday, November 14

thoughtful friday...

(this picture was taken in Georgia, at Mimi's, across her little wooden bridge, near the bamboo, looking up)

Summer or winter, day or night,

The woods are ever a new delight;

They give us peace, and they make us strong,

Such wonderful balms to them belong;

So, living or dying, I'll take my ease,

Under the trees, under the trees.

--Richard Henry Stoddard

Today I had a great time in my son's class. I do wonder however, what else is out there in the way of education. I was a little alarmed by the amount of parent participation... one little girl hasn't completed her homepackets in two weeks. Even her school work for that amount of time was still in her folder. THis is one of the first things that my son WANTS me to see when he walks in the door. Its part of our routine. And who knows there could be all sorts of things going on in their life and who am I to judge. She is such a cute little girl and, well I invision all parents being as 'into' school as me... wanting to do everything I can to help him prepare to succeed all on his own. Oh well... more on that later... just wanted to get that off my chest. later.