Tuesday, May 5


Hubby and I love to record our shows and watch them together once the kids are asleep. We recently came across a show on the Planet Green channel (fabulous channel full of interesting shows and ideas) about the town that was literally blown away by a tornado in May of 2007, in Greensburg Kansas. The shows name, Greensburg. Luckily the channel plays repeats of older episodes and I believe in the last several nights we have caught up. (new episodes air on Sunday nights) I can not even imagine the feeling they must have had when the storm was over, they came up out of their basements or cellars to find, NOTHING standing.

When rebuilding the town, which most thought impossible, they decided to 'go green'. It has been extremely interesting and heart wrenching to watch these people rebuild. It is also very inspirational to see that 'we' as a population DO in fact have options and it isn't that far fetched to NOT use and be dependant on fossil fuels.

I have always wondered why my state is not heavily leading the way in solar energy... schools, big businesses, etc could be pumping energy BACK into the community, with our 300 plus days of SUNSHINE we could certainly make a difference (and elimiante the yearly increases) maybe even for the surrounding states. I know that this takes money and technology, but its uplifting to think that we are not far from a reality, and the fact that we have a President that seems to understand that necessity makes me feel hopeful.

take care.