Sunday, November 16

lazy maisy's.....

We are a family that likes to hang out together, at home. We are home bodies. I would love to live in a small town with lots of land... and be at home... with my family.

Today... we all woke up late. The kids had these, but in strawberry. The parents had pumpkin cake.

Football was on ALL day. That is a given. I watch a little. After 10 years its starting to leave an impression on me... if I could just sit through the whole thing.
pushing the kids around...

Myla is still feeling out of sorts. We took a steamy shower and her nose was just pouring. Using squrit of eucalyptus oil really helps out when you have a child with a cold. And it last nearly forever it seems because you only have to use a spot.

rose garden with the pavers...

They jumped on the trampoline. They made limeade juice again. Played with playdough, homemade playdough. (toot toot)...thats my horn ;) just kidding.

We clipped coupons. I organinzed my coupons... again.

WE all took a nap. Except for Corbyn, he played with Legos. We have a nice set up for naps. Me and the little girl go to my bed... Dad falls alseep watching football on the couch (its his favorite thing to do in the whole wide world) and Corbyn plays on the floor next to him with

We moved Corbyn's furniture around in his room.

We had breakfast for dinner. Pancakes, eggs and bacon. Very yummy.

And then I cleaned the kitchen. Monday morning is no good to start with a sink full of dirty dishes, pots and pans.

Off to get the kids settled.

Have a great night.

(p.s. Maisy is now one of Myla's favorite. Corbyn still gets caught watching it... but thinks he's much too old for it.)