Saturday, January 24

Stand Up for Change....

So how cool is this....
this picture of my darling little boy....
(if you click on it, you can see all of the picture)

finger painting anyone???

is going to be used on the site. This young lady contacted me to use this picture in the
I couldn't be more excited to participate and bring awareness to this cause. As a mother of a
5 year old sweet soul, it turns my stomach to think of him being hurt or
teased by someone. Those poor kids probably need more attention at home, but then again who am I to say...
Bullying can and could affect someone for the rest of their life if they lack the self confidence to see beyond their hurt and recognize the insecurities of this other person.
I have been a stay at home mom since the birth of my first child, mostly to protect that innocence and witness all of their beginnings. I strive to be a great mom and it really stinks to think that some 'child' could ruin all the great things I wish for him/her.
Anyhoo... because if you know me you know that I love to YOuTube.
(***beware, it will tug at your heart....)