Saturday, April 26

something new already...

This is no special entry... I have been meaning and have a couple of post started... but nothing completed.

I have been a busy bee around the house. I should really take a picture of the cabinets in the kitchen. They are just sparkling clean. I even used wood polish on them!!!!! Doesn't that deserve a picture... I took one of the cushions last week ;)

Anyhoo... I really just wanted to have a little update up on the page besides the last entry.

I've been meaning to post the newest pictures of Co'bs Dad's Day at school... they played tee ball, had hot dogs and chips... then the kids got a real treat... they covered the dads with shaving cream and gave them a close shave. If you go to the fickr photos its already posted there, I'm just to lazy to post them here right now.