Thursday, October 22

Seems like yesterday...

this is the little person that named her brother Toe Toe... this is also why we called her Pie, what could be sweeter than Mya mya punkin pieya? This was one of my favorite outfits, her dad bought it for her. She picked nearly every flower that she passed... she still does this.

Monday, October 19

Smile, its Monday...

This was taken over a week ago and when I came across this picture I had to post it. Co'b had been sick and was with his Dad and I talking... the thought occured to me that Pie Pie was really quite... where is she? I started looking and much to my surprise look what I found...
(they were cloud gazing... a new thing for my 3 yr old)

Not sure if you can tell... so I will let you in on the fact that Molly is lying next to her, Pie's hand is on her, and her leg...well that just made it even cuter. I couldn't get a good shot because of the glass and I knew if I opened the door... this would happen...

Co'b thought it was a grand idea and wanted in on it... Molly of course goes where ever they go.

Have a great week...

(p.s. Hubby is still sore with me and my vinegar pouring (notice the big brown patch of grass) I was trying to kill ants... I had gotten bit for the last time and it was revenge!!!

Saturday, October 10


This morning he woke to his cheerful little self!! His last fever was this morning around 5am... I'm interested to see if it will return as the Motrin wears off.

Since we are home bound this holiday weekend I have been trying to put together stuff for us to do. Just take a look at these adorable apples. They have a little spin here which is just too cute.

The kids are working on simple little apple trees. Brown and green construction pieces cut in the shape of a tree trunk and the big green of a tree. They decided to draw their apples. They have been busy.

I have been making Oatmeal Raisin cookies for hours it seems. I doubled the batch (sometimes my eyes are JUST way too BIG).... and I am happy to report that the last batch is in the oven and the counters have returned to their happy clean selves.

We are having leftover potato soup for lunch that I made yesterday. It really is yummy and EASY to make. Just Google it... read a bunch and change it to your liking.

Well, the timer just went off... don't want to burn the last go 'round.


Friday, October 9

Double whammy...

Poor Co'b... it all started yesterday when he got home from school. Something made him upset (something small) and the pitiful little thing just burst into tears. I went to calm him down and noticed that he was warm and he said he felt bad.

Fast forward to 3:45am, I woke up to the little guy in our bathroom (just peeing ;) I went to check on him and placed my hand on his shoulder and he was BURNING UP! I ran to get the thermometer and his temp was 103.2 !!!! We gave him Motrin and a bath. The fever broke.

Again... fast forward... 8:32am started calling doctors office... BUSY...BUSY... around 9:20am finally got through and waited a good 15mins on hold... and then was told that they were booked and the earliest would be 3:20pm. Fine.

3:20pm.... arrive... and by 4pm we were on our way to the pharmacy with a prescription for an antibiotic for the Strep throat and a prescription of Tamiflu for his flu.

That's right.... STREP THROAT AND THE FLU!!!! After a bit of running around to get both filled (Walgreen's didn't have the Tamiflu so I had to make a few calls and luckily Safeway saved the day and was able to fill it)... picked up more fever reducer... and a stop by Hi Health for more colloidal silver (that's for the rest of us)... and a few extras to make him feel loved.

Lysol has been sprayed pretty much every square footage of the house (thanks Mario), sheets washed, and I just couldn't stop... even the floor got scrubbed!!!

Say a prayer for the little guy, he looks and feels 'poor pitiful'!!!

He was to go in on Tuesday to finish up his dental work (we have waited a while for this appointment) and I am afraid that we will have to postpone the procedure until later. Oh well who cares, right?

take care.... I'm going to go and cuddle the sick patient.

Thursday, October 8

sleepy heads

When I returned from an early morning walk... this is what a found in my bed.

It brings back memories of this little one when she was just a wee little baby.

She, like her brother, slept in our bed. I remember nursing her and feeling her warm little body snuggled against me. I remember waking to find her still snuggled close and tight around my abdomen, unlike her brother who would stop nursing and turn his head and body away to the opposite side (I had so much milk though he was probably tired of being squirt in the face)... she always stayed close and near and I marveled at the fact that she felt the most relaxed and secure near my belly.

Three years later she still likes being a bit lower than us, abdomen level.

PURE Sweetness.

Wednesday, October 7


Well maybe luck had nothing to do with it. He fanagled his own way directly in front of the door so that when it opened he ran up and hopped in. They had to wait their turn. The fireman then turned on the sirens and took off like it was an emergency run. It was awesome.
Field trips are great fun!!!

Thursday, October 1


Hear ye, hear ye..." it was only 66 degrees when I went for my walk this morning!!!".

Thats all I'm sayin'

... sixety six!

(it has reached the high 90's by now, but sixety six this morning!!! Fall here we come!)