Sunday, February 8


30 days: 05

This little girl amazes me everyday. Have I said that about her before?
With both my babies I could sit, watch and stare at them literally ALL day. I think of the past 5 and half years of being a mom, staying at home and I know that it hasn't always been easy. But I have always had a sense of the mother that I wanted to be. Always... all the way back to my childhood. Being a mommy I thought was just the coolest. I had a younger brother and a couple younger cousins that I got much practice on. Not to even mention my dolls.
There have been so many days of no laundry, no cleaning, and soup with grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner because we were to busy with each other. Luckily they have a Dad that works all day and doesn't mind coming home to a well 'lived' in space.
Now don't get me wrong I have high expectations on the cleanliness of a home, but I learned to get over it if I don't have the energy. It will always be there later. Try to enjoy the moment.
I am not someone who doesn't like to be at home, I LOVE my home and am perfectly content inside. I love trying to make my house a home. I rearrange constantly. Well, maybe seasonally is a better fit. I do not spend a lot of money on the home front asthetics but I love a comfy space filled with things we love, mostly handed down to us. However, I do have a rather large 'wish' list... its just not the priority yet.
My mother in law has always commented on my ability to refrain myself from smooching them to pieces (that they do get I promise) but not while doing their 'work'. I love watching them figure stuff out or making something all THEIR own. I have learned to 'sit' on my hands if you will, instead of jumping in. I have been to plenty of craft days to watch the moms interjecting because it wasn't like the 'sample'. I'm not that mom. If it has three eyeballs, well it has three eyeballs. To them its a special power. (this has been done before)
Anyways back to the picture, I believe because I am this way that my children are learning to problem solve all on their own, all the while knowing that I am there if they need me. I mean, over 5 years at this I should be good, no? I am kidding really, because I experience my fair share of feeling failure of providing what they need. Then I get off my pity party and realize I am doing just fine.
This is my daughters favorite puzzle. We have lots of puzzles. If you go over to my flickr page you can witness her putting it together. (my first video upload) She's quite silent went working and working she is....