Monday, February 23

30 days: 17

One word for you... Nalesniki. One day our kids will realize how cool their parents really are. These were made for dinner. My favorite version is with cream cheese, sugar, and cinnamon.
Husband thinks it must be in his blood with his skills of flippin' these large crepes. His parents always had a square griddle and Mario has a large round one... the crepes were HUGE!!!
(this is my recipe holder) It all started... mostly anyhow, with recipes that I received from my sister in law of the meals that have been passed down on her side of the family. The one above is one of them. Because of this and the awesome-ness of 'goolge' ling any recipe that strikes my fancy... I now just write it out on (printer) paper , hole punch it, and put it in my binder. I have tabs for breakfast, meals, sweets, extras, and sides.