Saturday, December 29

What he likes to do...

Co'b (not cob as in corn on the cob, but co like co. plus the sound of the letter b) short for his name, Korbin. Anyhoo... Co'b likes to just hang out with me while he is doing his own thing, building, drawing, good/ bad guys.
Today he worked together on his new Lego hovercraft... with 'shooters' that he got for Christmas. He loves to build. We have large baskets filled with blocks. You can find all sorts... but up until now we never had the small, big kid Legos. We have now gotten bigger.

I'm not sure that it speaks to other people, but this photo tells me happy and sad stories... this little boy is a little boy... people.... a little boy. The only reason I slightly remember him being a baby is b/c he has a baby sister. Whats going to happen when she is all big.

By the way... the fabric above... well, it is finally getting cut! I been putting it off since here.

(p.s. I have finally come back to explain something about this post...I couldnt get the pictures in the positions I wanted and then well... too much time passed and it didnt seem important) what he likes to do is sit with me and hang out and do his thing, while I do my thing... the picture that speaks volume is the one of him in his 'beanie' outside. He is such a beautiful person... and I am speaking of his heart.

to my mom

I have always thought of my mom when hearing this song. As a little girl I would sing along..."Winter , Spring, Summer and Fall... all you've got to do is call"... I loved it and still do. We have since declared this as "our" song... so here's to you mom'a!


I love my mom.

Recently I sent her a package of random items (total random from coasters, aprons, to doll bedding.) Everyday since she has received it we have talked (she lives several states away)and everyday she mentions her coasters. She loves them she says and wants more.

My mom was the first person that I expressed my desire to focus on and improve my skills and possibly start making money for my love of crafting.

More than a year ago, egged on by a friend, I started reading blogs and discovering Flickr groups.... through all that I have been truely inspired and amazed at these women and honestly, them plus my MOM.... have been what is encouraging me to keep going. My mom is my biggest cheerleader and the craft bloggers are my inspiration to dig deep inside my crafty self!!

I, to date, have had three customers!!! Yah me! I have been sewing gifts mostly, or things for my kids. I am in love with fabric. My love for patterns started off in paper when I found the art of scrap booking. I could gaze at paper most of the afternoon, Starbucks in hand.... daydreaming of the blue and brown paisley paper that I wanted to just jump out and lick b/c it is so damn yummy. So now that my focus has changed directions... bolts of fabric I could go around and touch and feel, no intention of buying it, just being curious about all the possibilites ahead of it...and not leave it until I carefully tucked its ends back behind the next bolt. (This has nothing to do with me working in retail and having to help out in the fabric department. I also do weird stuff like fix hangers or hang up a sleeve if it has slipped off.)

My point is that I am very thankful for my mom. She is always there when I need her, just a phone call away. And somehow she always knows what to say... and when to say it without me asking..... so you have no idea how much I have needed you the past week... thank you.

Wednesday, December 26

'till we meet again...

I bought the little snowmen a few years back to accompany the bigger one on the left and be his friend. There use to be two of them, each holding something different, I forget now what the other did. I received them from a co-worker/ good friend like 10 years ago. I have since lost touch and wonder about her each year when I bring out my snowman... I remember the year I opened the box to find its mate's ball broken. (dirty people, his ornament belly, she would be one of these people and then would announce it to the front reception area of the doctor's office we worked at... crazy girl)
I was 18,living back home in Georgia and dating hubby, she was in her 40's, married and had kids, "Mer" is signed on the bottom. I hope this little guy never breaks. Hmmm... until we meet again my friend. until we meet again...

Tuesday, December 25


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!