Thursday, July 15

how this post got started...

History: Last week I scored for $2.99 a Pampered Chef Floral cupcake pan... normally because of how weird my hubby is about second hand stuff when you eat or cook from it I skip this area
in Goodwill for our own kitchen, but is my favorite place for Myla's... however, not one thing was wrong with it and there look to be no wear and tear, it looked brand new. 

The hunt for a new recipe started last night.
  I needed a cake that didn't really need to be frosted, so I turned to my favorite cookbook (my other eye candy favorites) and came across something that struck my fancy...
'Random Cake'.

I didn't use the raisins.  It turned out really good and have added it to my 'make a second time for sure list'.
Though I will say, I have never ever had a cake recipe tell me to add all the dry ingredients and then mush with a fork the butter and then mix in the eggs... ALWAYS I have blended the butter with sugar, eggs, and spices and then added the flour... anyhoo... do you know that it was the creamiest and fluffiest batter!!!

This book not only has really yummy and healthy recipes its also a lot of
 fun to look at.  It was copywrited in 1971 by the La Leache League (hence the nursing picture above) and was given to my mother-in-law by a good friend of hers. 

My  finished 'Random Cupcakes'

How could I have not gotten that pan? 
I plan to do like a lemon sumpin' ruther and use a powdered sugar glaze on the flowers.  Cuteness. 
Have you baked lately?