Saturday, October 10


This morning he woke to his cheerful little self!! His last fever was this morning around 5am... I'm interested to see if it will return as the Motrin wears off.

Since we are home bound this holiday weekend I have been trying to put together stuff for us to do. Just take a look at these adorable apples. They have a little spin here which is just too cute.

The kids are working on simple little apple trees. Brown and green construction pieces cut in the shape of a tree trunk and the big green of a tree. They decided to draw their apples. They have been busy.

I have been making Oatmeal Raisin cookies for hours it seems. I doubled the batch (sometimes my eyes are JUST way too BIG).... and I am happy to report that the last batch is in the oven and the counters have returned to their happy clean selves.

We are having leftover potato soup for lunch that I made yesterday. It really is yummy and EASY to make. Just Google it... read a bunch and change it to your liking.

Well, the timer just went off... don't want to burn the last go 'round.