Saturday, April 11

Just a little of our weirdness...

Do you see anything scary or out of place in this picture?

While I was cleaning today I stepped over this little guy with any notice and at the same moment it occurred to me that this would never fly in my grandmothers home. Pretend or not, it does not belong on the floor she would say. Especially all by itself in the corner just pretending to attack some unknowing creature. But in our home, I don't even notice them. I step over or kick them out of the traffic areas.

I have no idea if I have alarmed other guest before. You know, like they saw it and almost freaked out until they realized that it was fake and harmless. The enormous grasshopper isn't as scary, but this here tarantuala (could be wolf spider I suppose) can be quite intimidating to the unsuspecting person.

It made me laugh and go grab my camera. Notice that the little girl had to have passed it as well on her way to the 'front room' .