Tuesday, April 1

handmade books and bag


these were little sketch books that I made for a little girl turning 5 in Corbyn's preschool class. They were fun and easy to make.

March 2008 500

I added a pack of colored pencils and made an 'art' bag for her to carry her stuff in. Fun, easy and very thrifty in the cost department.

no consistency....

my ideas have been held captive...

So... its hard for me to stick to a routine. Not with all things... just any type of fitness (and laundry). I do really good for a couple of weeks... basically until I feel better about myself and then some how I begin to slack on taking care of me.

Why? I know I do this. I see a pattern. SO.... here we go again... this morning I did my yoga tape. Last night I even stretched with my weighed ball... (which feels like a heavenly stretch down deep in your bones)... but this morning, rather than doing a 'workout' I did the AM Yoga... I started out with a meditation (which was hard for me at first... I kept wanting to open my eyes. But the guy that guides you is so easy to follow by just listening, eyes closed. Anyhoo... I followed the meditation with the AM workout. I feel great. During the workout you stretch your hips most of the time and use a strap to get deeper stretches...(straps and elastic bands are my best friend when it comes to stretching... they help you maintain a deeper stretch with control and ease of motion).

I am hoping that if I record how I am feeling on my journey to bettering myself that maybe 'I' will be my own source of inspiration. I have always had a love of working out and being active... but being consistent and working on those love handles just seems to be sooo much work.

And with that said, for the past two weeks I haven't used my clothes dryer except to throw a damp towel and fabric softner sheet to shake and fluff the clothes from drying in the sun. It has actually been a very relaxing chore. I have a retractable line outside as well as a metal clothing rack for drying.... so I'm off to a good start wouldn't you say?

On a whole different note... a friend of mine and myself have been scheming to come up with a couple of products to sell at craft shows and such... maybe even etsy.com. I am very excited to go down this path... especially with a friend.

I have so many thoughts and ideas that I have been picking up my 'idea journals' again. I got the idea to take a picture of my books from Heather B.... so I thought that I would include mine for this post. (You know how I hate to post without a picture)... I wish I would have been more patient to gather all the ones around... but the truth is I haven't a clue where they all are... I have them in my car, in my purse, in my bedroom... on long lost shelves. I never finish them... just start. I skip pages... and I'm not organized enough to have one for certain things... each one has random bits of info to inspire me. It could be a cut out picture from a magazine... it could be a quote...a color scheme... anything that strikes my fancy.

I really didn't even think that I was a journal type of girl until reading Heather's post and realized... hey... I have spiral notebooks full of all sorts of things...

So here's to new, fresh ideas! I'll spill the beans about the upcoming project soon. take care....